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Halfsmile is Fundraising platform
Encouraging all charitable trusts & Donors to raise funds and to backup them.
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HalfSmile is all about raising funds online, for your charity. We meant to complement your effort & contribution!

Create your Profile Page

Sign up to create your own HalfSmile Profile. Think of your HalfSmile Profile as your Charitable Life; the one place where you can show all of the ways you're giving back. Show all of your active and completed fundraising campaigns; view the total amount you've raised for your causes.

Start your Fundraiser

As soon as you have a Profile, use HalfSmile to create your as many fundraising pages as you want. Personalize your fundraising page with a compelling video, story and pics. Set a fundraising goal and make it really clear why it's so important for you to hit your goal.

Share your Fundraiser

Email a link to your fundraising page to everyone you know. Email still works the best but you want to share your page as many places as possible. Share your fundraiser on all your social networks & we do the same from our end.

Our Goal is...

Our Vision is to identify perfect organizations (NGOs) from each locality in India; and helping them to help others in a very organized way. This is possible with your support by joining all our hands together.


Our objective is to eliminate poverty & hunger in India, it may not happen immediately, however if we join our hands together it can happen anytime soon. In order to achieve our goal, we started providing a platform to all charitable trusts & Donors to raise funds and to backup them.


Our Promise is to ensure truthful organizations(NGOs) are listed on & to safeguard all donations are used appropriately as described by each service providers.


Who is doing the project

We are Indians, from all over the world... Everyone has there own way of contributions. However, we realized all our contributions has no credibility. We are trying to connect dots which is expected to have Fullsmile on people's face.




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We extremely encorauge you to contact us with your Charity service, Halfsmile will help you to raise funds...